Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto is an architecture firm that has been practicing in the desert environment since 1986. Our experience brings our clients a team familiar with designing environmentally sensitive structures unique to our desert climate.  We are familiar with designing for the LEED rating system and understand the nuances of site selection, water quality and conservation, materials and resources, energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality. 
The idea of green architecture, or sustainable design, is a common sense approach the firm has always utilized. Our approach to sustainable design is one of appropriateness. Each design grows in response to its particular functional needs with a keen awareness to the environment. Although we also understand that not every client is ready for LEED design we do know that every client is deserving of responsible design. We strive to incorporate basic architectural ideas and strategies to design the most appropriate facility we can for each client. The CSD design team works closely with our clients to establish a set of environmental goals for the project.
CSD is a national member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and an active member of the local chapter. We also sit on the AIA Las Vegas Committee for the Environment. Our staff includes LEED Accredited Professionals who have all worked on projects that are either LEED Certified or will be LEED Certified once the certification process is complete. 

LEED Certified Projects
University of Phoenix Boise, ID    
Core Construction Office Building
Private Residence Expansion & Remodel  
City of Henderson Heritage Park Senior Facility
Muscular Dystrophy Administrative Building addition
Zappos Downtown Las Vegas Headquarters
Ely Seed Warehouse                            
Current projects targeting LEED
UNLV Hotel College

LEED Silver
LEED Silver
LEED Silver