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City of Henderson - EOC


Henderson, NV

5,000 s.f.


CSD provided design services for the remodel and reconfiguration of the existing 5,000 s.f. data center located in the basement of City Hall in Henderson, NV. The space is the new location for The Emergency Operations Center for the City of Henderson. The space requires a check-in area, a small prep kitchen to accommodate 50 personnel, a Joint Information Center for 10 - 12 workstations for personnel and a Policy Center Conference Room for the Advisory Group. The conference room accommodates seating for 16 and includes phones and workstations, video conferencing, and web EOC display. Additionally, the scope included the design of the data room that houses security camera cabinets, Ham Radio workstation for two positions and additional racks from the current data center. An EOC War Room includes workstations for 40 personnel designed to accommodate the EOC Command and General staff. Each workstation is designed to have its own outlets for computer, phone and microphone. CSD worked with an Audio/Visual consultant to design video teleconference, atomic clocks, a large video wall display, CAD/AVL touch screen TV’s, electronic boards, satellite phones, and interconnected audio and video throughout this room as well as video teleconference and WebEOC display in the Policy Center Room. Security and data requirements are provided by the City of Henderson. A copy room was designed to house copiers, printers, faxes, GIS Plotter and wardrobe closets.

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