LEED Gold.png

City of Henderson Hidden Falls Fire Station 85

Henderson, NV

11,946 sf



Fire Station #85 is the second prototypical Fire Department facility for the City of Henderson. The project consists of a 11,946 sf of Fire Fighter Barracks and Apparatus Bay. The overall goals behind the proposed facilities are to provide a secure, flexible, functional, low maintenance building that is respectful of the local desert environment, and responsive to the needs of the evolving surrounding Henderson communities. It provides respite for Fire Fighters and EMTs to perform at peak physical and mental awareness while providing 24 hour / 7 days a week emergency response and disaster relief services for the continual densification of the City of Henderson.

As a City of Henderson project, the building satisfies the City’s Green Building Standards, is LEED Certified and is on track to be Green Globes Certified.