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LEED Gold.png

NSC Liberal Arts and Sciences Building


Henderson, NV

42,000 s.f.



2008 SW Contractor Best Masonry

This first building of the State College sits on 5 acres of the 550 acre campus. As this is the first and only building on the campus at this time, it was imperative that the spatial arrangement create a campus within the building. The main public spaces act just like a campus; indoor and outdoor space flow seamlessly together and provide multiple nodes for study or social interaction. The concept of a centralized support zone for science, labs and classrooms supported by faculty emerged. A color palette of charcoal, terra cotta and wine is bold, unexpected and youthful. Concrete floors, slate and carpeting accent the bold color choices and compliment a light filled, 2-story lobby. CSD provided architecture, interior design and FFE selection.

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