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Black Rock Station


Gerlach, NV

5,771 s.f.


The BLM Field Offices include a 1,795 s.f. storage facility, a seasonal, 2,100 s.f. firefighting barracks and a 1,876 s.f. administrative office to provide a base of operations to manage the Black Rock National Conservation Area. The buildings are inspired by the landscape and the rustic architecture of the region; local materials and building practices respect the spirit of the rural communities. Dark, ribbed metal siding captures the essence of the area. The BLM Field Offices were designed for minimal impact to the site with optimal solar orientation and views of the playa. A highly efficient building envelope, native plant materials and a 15-kw PV array provide the BLM with a low maintenance facility with a high survivability rate for the remote location.

• High performance building envelope
• Will exceed ASHRE by 30%
• Low flow toilets and sinks
• Restoration / replacement of native plant species
• Proper solar orientation
• 15-kw PV array anticipated to provide 40% of the energy required; grid-tied

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