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LEED Gold.png

Comprehensive Cancer Center of Nevada


Las Vegas, NV

19,992 s.f.



2007 NAIOP Merit Award

The new state-of-the-art cancer center located in the Las Vegas Technology Center includes a Linac, CT Scan, Pet Scan and Infusion. Our design team looked to create a facility that is experienced as a comfortable and attractive environment. The facility was designed to be a sensible, attractive and honest building without unnecessary decoration on the façade. The philosophy that drives the forms and aesthetics of this new facility reflect the functions of the facility on the outside. In order to do this, we organized the building’s mass into 3 components: Entry, Vault, and Main Body. The building masses are also distinguished by the use of color in a rich, desert palette. The main entry is simply distinguished as a way finding queue by an accent wall and canopy. These two elements help patients locate the entrance and provide shade in the entry vestibule from the Eastern sun. Window sizes and locations were designed to respond to a room’s function while allowing for natural light and views. Repetitive window sizes and inexpensive materials and construction method help to control costs for the project.

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