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LEED Gold.png

East Sahara Department of Motor Vehicles


Las Vegas, NV

34,000 s.f.



1998 NAIOP Merit Award
1997 AIA Nevada Honorable Mention

This remodeling was the first and most important step in an effort by the DMV to renew its focus on quality customer service. The 30-year-old facility on East Sahara was once a cold, sterile, unfriendly, warehouse like environment. The customer service area was harsh and unfriendly, and inadequate lighting and signage added to the already miserable experience. The newly remodeled facility is now a bright, warm, and pleasing environment for both customers and workers alike. At the time of the remodel, it was estimated that the center would serve up to 500 people a day. Waiting lines were eliminated by incorporating a service number system combined with a central information desk and more service windows.

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