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Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen


Las Vegas, NV

11,000 SF



NAIOP Nevada Honor Award, Hospitality Tenant Improvement, 2019

Caesars Palace is now home to the first publicly accessible restaurant of the reality cooking show Hell’s Kitchen, starring famed Chef Gordon Ramsey. The restaurant, which offers a complete dining experience, is not just a dining destination but also the show’s filming location several times a year.

Fire was the underlying primary concept for the brand.

The exterior entrance welcomes guests with a massive flaming sculpture of a pitchfork, and the initials H.K. The flames are created utilizing nine large gas-fired lamps mounted to the perimeter columns of the sculpture. The exterior is lit with color-changing lighting and a hologram of Gordon Ramsey.

The 11,000-square-foot, 300-seat restaurant was a remodel and addition of the existing space. CSD Architects created a modern re-interpretation of the classic roman architectural style through simplicity of repetition, proportions, texture, and color. Designed with elegant décor, pitchfork motifs are presented throughout the restaurant, and the signature colors of red and blue represent the colors of competition used in the show. The restaurant incorporates a small retail area and a hall-of-fame wall that presents past contestant winners.

The design and construction schedule were exciting challenges for this project. Hell’s Kitchen needed to be completed to accommodate the finale of the reality television show. The winner was named the head chef of the new restaurant. The project was built in less than five months, and it took a dedicated and synchronized effort from a large team to accomplish it quickly and to the highest quality.

According to data from Yelp, Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen was the most photographed restaurant in the U.S. for 2022-2023.

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