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LEED Gold.png

Hansen Residence


Las Vegas, NV

9,500 s.f.



2002 DESI Grand Award
2002 DESI Best Custom Residence Award
1999 AIA Nevada Students Choice Award

The client’s ideas about sculpture created a frame of reference for design and the site inspired the choice of materials. Gray metal roofs mirror a mountainous backdrop, exterior walls emulate a desert palette, and a rotational-fragment ellipse is built of fractured rock from the basin area. A layering of geometries and radiating axis’s creates a spatial and solar buffer between occupant and cul-de-sac to the west. Their desire for privacy from the street is expressed in the front façade with secluded intimate spaces while leading guests on a journey to the front entry. The rear of the house opens to maximize mountainous and golf course views to the north and northwest while architectural forms minimize exposure to the harsh desert elements. Around the occupants, a new perception of sanctuary is defined.

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