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Las Vegas High Rise


Las Vegas, NV

3,000 s.f.


At first glance, this 35th floor high-rise condo embodies an upscale Las Vegas ultra-lounge. It’s rich. It’s cultured. It’s chic. This space is enveloped in a brilliant blend of deep reds, African woods, mirrors and technology. Entering from the private elevator foyer, the owners and guests are welcomed with bold, plum stone flooring with highly reflective speckles that resemble diamonds and contemporary, dark wood French doors with red glass inserts. The original architecture was modified to make use of dead space and create a multi-dimensional atmosphere. As you enter the home, your eyes are immediately drawn to the sculptural paneled wall which is complemented by an LED light system that can be color controlled by the couple to either set “the mood” or to better entertain their unsuspecting guests.

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