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North Las Vegas, NV

7,320 s.f.



2007 SW Contractor Bbest Interior/TI Under $5 Million

This neighborhood tavern was designed to feel as if it belongs in the desert. Natural materials such as steel, glass and concrete compliment the simple, earthy design. A board formed concrete box is accented with weathering steel canopies and accent details that provide shadow, signage and entrance to the tavern. The interior is designed with a circular bar layout that has sloping steel columns that penetrate the ceiling. Clerestory windows allow beams of light to penetrate the space, adding natural light to the bar. Perimeter seating around the bar plays up its importance in the structure and provides a way to break up the space and create smaller nooks for dining. The steel in the interior is designed to feel as if the structure was erected on instinct and bracings were provided as required.

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