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Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge


Alamo, NV




2014 AIA Las Vegas Honor Award - Unbuilt Category


Honoring the Sixth Sense - Sense of Place, Vegas Seven, April 23, 2014

​CSD, as part of a design-build competition designed The Administrative Office and Visitor Contact Station at the Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge in Alamo Nevada, a NET ZERO facility with little to no disturbance to the surrounding natural habitat while providing exhibitry and observation areas. Contextually, the building is sited and is part of the Pahranagat National wildlife refuge. In this setting, lakes, marshes, wet meadows and tall cottonwood trees are a strong contrast to the surrounding desert. All surface water entering the refuge comes from Ash and Crystal springs which are located north of the refuge. This water flow makes it possible for the arid Pahranagat Valley to blossom with life. During the spring and fall migrations, wildlife activity on the lakes and marshes flourish. Thousands of ducks, geese, and other wetland birds visit the 580 acres of open water in search of food. Programmatically, the building merges the administrative offices and visitor contact station with a series of indoor and outdoor exhibits and observation deck area.

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