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Las Vegas, NV

0,000 s.f.


HomeAid Southern Nevada hosts a fundraiser every year and is a leading national non-profit provider of housing for today’s homeless. HomeAid asks local builders and architects to donate their time to design and build a playhouse for an auction to support their cause. CSD participated and designed a playhouse which is a structure for children to play, pretend, eat, slumber and explore. The NEST concept seeks to support HomeAids’ mission by highlighting the importance having the most basic fundamentals of shelter through the merging of images of primal structures of a nest with a simple building form. The NEST design provides an opportunity for children to climb, gather, create, nap, retreat and learn. A galvanized metal wall allows children to have a dry-erase surface to draw on and play with magnets, the egg ladder allows them to climb to the upper bunk and rest on or peer through the clerestory window, a built-in desk offers a working surface along with defining an enclosure for them to retreat, and the translucent ceiling invites more natural light from above and is controlled through a network of shadow casting tree branches.

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