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LEED Gold.png



Las Vegas, NV

41,000 s.f.



2014 AIA Las Vegas Honor Award - Unbuilt Category

The new, 41,000 s.f. facility will help to alleviate the strain that increased demand for services has placed on Safe Nest’s existing, overcrowded facilities and provides for three distinct areas: administration, counseling and advocacy and a donation center. These areas were designed to have an inter-relationship with each other while maintaining their own separate and distinct requirements. There are numerous interrelated design issues including, public vs. private access, security, privacy (visual / audible), flexible workspaces, and unrestricted work environment between all three components. The building presents a public image which is inviting and welcoming with a subliminal theme evoking a “sanctuary”. There is a clear understanding of the public versus private exterior spaces and the building maximizes the use of natural daylight while maintaining privacy and security. The building is designed to be LEED equivalent.

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