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LEED Gold.png

The Slammer


Las Vegas, NV

4,200 s.f.



1996 AIA Las Vegas Award
1996 AIA Nevada Students Choice Award


'Twenty Years of Design Excellence' At Barrick Highlights Nevada's Award Winning Architecture, December, 2014
The Slammer! Penn Finds Paradise on the Inside of His Prison, What's On, May, 2005
VH1 'The Slammer' - Jillette Residence, 1997

The owner is the “vocal” half of the world-famous Penn & Teller comedy/magic duo. Like its owner, the house breaks from the traditional. What was once a “typical” suburban house in the desert has grown into something quite unique and special. It looks like a prison on the outside—concrete blocks and unpainted metal—but on the inside, it’s paradise. With a balance between the playful and the plain, it’s a vast courtyard and a collection of rooms with freely painted spaces. A simple asphalt drive links the house to the public roads.

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