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Town and Country - Summerlin


Las Vegas, NV

3,970 s.f.


CSD took the concept of a box and put a simple yet sophisticated roof to create an iconic image for the bank. The roof helps to create the high architecture the client was looking for while the shape of the building provides the economy needed. The arched roof is lifted off the building in order to provide clerestory windows to bring in controlled light from North, South and East exposures. The roof also extends over the drive-through area so that the canopy is truly part of the architecture. The curved roof is cut at an angle to achieve the height clearance necessary for the drive-through while the low point of the roof provides an interesting focal point at the entrance and helps shed water to the landscape. Interior materials and ideas mimic the 1st Town & Country in order to keep a cohesive theme throughout the local Town & Country Banks.

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