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VEER Penthouse


Las Vegas, NV

3,300 SF



A Penthouse Playhouse in Vegas, The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 2015

The Owner of this project worked with Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects to focus on a design that would reflect his personality and values. The empty shell penthouse with panoramic views of the casinos and mountains became a James Bond-like aura. The front door is a facade where a wall opens upon entry. A coffee table rises and turns into a conference table, and a Murphy bed hides behind a purple sofa. A secret room behind a moving wall acts as a playhouse area. These features, among others, convey the fun and whimsical creativity of the Owner. The open living space showcases dozens of multicolored balls hanging from the ceiling by wires. Close friends and relatives get their names engraved on a metal tag attached to the wire of their favorite glass ball.

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