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Village of Centennial Springs Mixed Use


Las Vegas, NV

43,000 s.f. - 95,000 s.f. - 7 Loft Units



Carina Builds New Northwest Suburban Village, Business Press, April 04, 2005

This new urbanism development is 41-acres designed to provide retail and work opportunities within walking distance of home. CSD provided design guidelines and designed “Main Street”, the entry corridor of the development as well as 5 additional outlying office buildings. CSD researched historic main streets to reconnect to the community friendly developments that are not found anywhere in Las Vegas. The pedestrian friendly “Main Street” incorporates retail at ground level with office and loft units on the second story. The architectural style is reminiscent of an early 20th century small town. Different architectural styles create the feel of being developed over time. The atmosphere of “Main Street” compliments the surrounding residential development while also providing additional services for neighboring residential communities.

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